• BlockStake

    Non-custodial staking platform on the most promising Proof of Stake blockchains

  • Why Choose Us?

    We've got a top notch team!

    Active in Community

    We are strong believers of a decentralised world and take our duties as validator seriously. We actively participate in the community in governance discussions and releasing dashboard/tools to benefit the community as a whole

    Strong and Experienced Team

    Our team consists of veteran developers, DevOps specialists and general blockchain enthusiast


    You can reach the team anytime via our Community telegram group and via our public twitter.

    Low Fees

    Our goal is to minimise cost while maintaining a highly reliable and secure node infrastructure with multiple redundancies and industry grade practices. We pass on these cost savings via low commissions to stakers.

  • Supported Blockchains

    Terra Money

    Powering the innovation of money through a network of stablecoins